Enjoying Maumere from The Cross Hill in Exoctic Cape of Kajuluwu

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Enjoying Maumere from The Cross Hill in Exoctic Cape of Kajuluwu

Keterangan: The white cross where the Christians hold spiritual activities

Maumere, Berita Sikka

Maumere is a small city on the island of Flores, which is the capital of Sikka district, NTT. Often referred to as the City of Coconut Waving, as it has its own fascinating range of spiritual tourism, cultural tourism and nature tourism. Beautiful white sandy beaches in several areas of Maumere are ready to hypnotize every visitor's eyes. In addition, marine waters in the Maumere region also has a wonderful underwater scenery if compared with other eastern Indonesian destination area.

Access to Maumere can be reached by flight from Denpasar for approximately two hours and from Kupang for aavout one hour. Alternatively, for visitors who have more flexible time, can do a Flores overland travel from Labuan Bajo to Maumere using a rental car or travel car.

There is an exotic place that must be visited while traveling to Maumere, which is always called Bukit Salib Tanjung Kajaluwu. Why visit? Well, from the top of the hill you can find a large cross statue or it is get used to be called the Garden of Eden, a place where the Christians hold spiritual activities.

A very beautiful sunset can be seen from this area

The white cross statue is locate excatly on a hill with a beautiful backdrop of beach and blue seawater. While Tanjung itself is a tourist area in Sikka District, which is located approximately 15km from Maumere City or about two hours road trip. Access from Maumere to Bukit Tanjung is by exploring the north coast of Maumere to the west. A good asphalt road and the scenery of dried hills during the dry season will accompany you along the way.

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The cape coast is also surrounded by a typical rocky hill that also adds to the beauty along its shores. Arriving at Bukit Tanjung Kajaluwu, visitors can park their vehicles on the outskirts of the road due to the lack of parking facilities in this area.

It is recommended to bring a stock of mineral drinks because visitors who want to see beautiful scenery from the top of the hill must climb the hill with 300 stairs. Try the occasional look back while climbing the stairs, really a combination of sea views and blue-sky lies in contrast to the grassland that began barren, arid, and even burned by the sun in the dry season.

Arriving at the peak of Bukit Tanjung, all your tiredness is paid with beautiful scenery. Bukit Tanjung Kajaluwu is also famous for its panoramic sunset; therefore, this hill will be more crowded visited in the afternoon. Grassland in Bukit Tanjung area will also look fresh green when it has entered the rainy season, so from that come to Tanjung Kajuwulu during the rainy season because the hills will be green and more beautiful to be photographed.

Interested to visit the cross statue towering above the hill? Manage you time to visit this pretty hill when you plan to explore the Flores island, especially Maumere.

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